UNest and Wealth Join Forces to Make Financial Planning Easier Than Ever

• UNest and Wealth have partnered to bring together financial and estate planning tools for families and individuals.
• UNest customers receive exclusive discounts on Wealth’s suite of products, as well as a $25 reward deposited in their UNest account when they purchase a will or trust from Wealth.
• The goals of both companies are to make complex financial solutions available to everyone in an easy and affordable way.

UNest & Wealth Strategic Partnership

UNest, a leading fintech company that makes it easier than ever for parents to invest in their kids’ future, has announced that they have partnered with Wealth, an emerging leader in digital estate planning. This strategic partnership brings together two category leaders that share a focus on helping families and individuals address the financial requirements of key life stages.

Benefits For Customers

Through this partnership, members of both platforms will access special resources and pricing to address some of the most critical aspects of financial and life planning. UNest customers get an exclusive discount on Wealth’s suite of modern estate planning products. In addition, UNest customers will receive a $25 reward deposited in their UNest investment account when they purchase a will or trust from Wealth.

Aligning Missions

UNest and Wealth share a similar mission to make complex and previously unattainable financial planning solutions available to more people. Since its market launch in 2020, UNest has helped over 550,000 parents and kids build a lasting financial legacy for their families through investments including traditional ETFs alongside selected crypto currencies, green funds, contributions from friends/family members, etc., with rewards from over 150 brands including Nike, DoorDash, Haven Life & Disney+.

Objectives Of The Partnership

The goal is for both companies is to help protect family assets by making complex financial solutions easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Through the app parents manage an advisor-guided portfolio while also having access to estate planning services which are vital components in creating a sound financial future for them and their kids alike.


The synergies between the two companies have already generated an impressive response during the pilot program which drove high levels of engagement among users – proving just how beneficial this strategic partnership is proving to be!