Lawyers from “Mr. Bitcoin “appeal against a 5-year prison sentence

Alexander Vinnik has an appeal against his five-year prison sentence.

The defense lawyers of Alexander Vinnik, who is said to have laundered money on a large scale using Bitcoin and was sentenced to five years in prison , are appealing against the court ruling

According to a report by the Russian news agency Kommersant on December 18, Vinnik’s lawyer Frederic Belot has now officially appealed the decision of the French court. He justified this with the fact that Vinnik was not involved in the money laundering that he was accused of.

To this end, he refers to the judgment of December 6th, which states that Vinnik was “involved in money laundering as part of an organized criminal group”. However, Belot replies that a “criminal group” cannot consist of just one person. Accordingly, he argues: “The court has not named another person who should belong to this Crypto Engine.”

According to his lawyer, Vinnik was rather the victim of unknown “clients” of the now closed crypto exchange BTC-e

Its function as part of the trading platform remains unclear. Belot says that Vinnik was “just a full-time trader who did not intentionally launder money.”

As “Mr. Vinnik, known as Bitcoin, is believed to be the co-founder of a global crypto fraud project that laundered more than $ 4 billion in funds. Three years after his arrest in Greece, the verdict against Vinnik was announced in early December 2020. Previously, the accused had repeatedly denied his involvement in the illegal project .

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