Lawyers Association offers Ead course on blockchain technology and legal immersion

Lawyers association course will be promoted in partnership with Blockchain Academy.

The São Paulo Lawyers Association (AASP) is offering a new online course focused on blockchain technology. Called “Blockchain & Legal Immersion”, in total the course has a 29 hours workload and should approach subjects related to crypto and Law.

Besides talking about cryptomaps and the blockchain technology, the course intends to approach other pertinent subjects, such as intelligent contracts and derivatives, for example.

With recently opened registrations, the “Blockchain & Legal Immersion” costs R$ 2,800 for non AASP associates. Meanwhile, who is part of the association will have 50% discount, and will pay only US$ 1.400 to participate of the formation.

Blockchain course for lawyers

AASP is promoting an Ead course on blockchain technology for law students and lawyers. According to the program, “the course inserts advocacy in themes pertinent to the future of law, as well as the understanding of cryptomoedas”.

Developed in partnership with Blockchain Academy, the course “Blockchain and Legal Immersion” has only the complete high school as a prerequisite for the student’s registration to get Bitcoin Fast Profit.

The course “Blockchain & Legal Immersion” proposes a reflection on the future of the Law and of the lawyers’ performance based on the understanding of crypto, cryptoactives, smart contracts, blockchain and derivatives, and their relationship with other technologies that are emerging”.

Samy Dana offers post-graduation

Besides the Ead “Blockchain & Legal Immersion” course promoted by AASP, economist Samy Dana recently announced a post-graduate course focused on the cryptomoeda market and blockchain technology.

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In Dana’s case, the course is directed to those who already have a degree and wish to take an MBA in the banking area. Promoted by EA Banking School, the critic of Bitcoin, Samy Dana signs a post-graduation in “Investment and Blockchain” and will be responsible for a special class during the course, on “Behavioral Finance”.

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