Coinbase Launches Layer-2 Ethereum Network: Millions of New Dapps Await!

• Coinbase has launched a layer-2 Ethereum-based network called Base, which is the first publicly listed business to establish such a network.
• This will help enable the next million decentralized applications and bring in the next billion users.
• Base is powered by Optimism and has several partners such as Chainlink, Etherscan, and Aave that have pledged to develop and support this ecosystem.

Coinbase Launches Layer-2 Ethereum Network

Coinbase has announced the launch of their layer-2 Ethereum-based network called Base. This is the first ever publicly listed business to establish such a network on top of Ethereum, trading under the COIN ticker since April 2021. With Base, millions of new decentralized applications can be enabled quickly and cheaply than on an underlying blockchain like Ethereum.

Testnet for Base Operational Since Beginning of Month

Base has been operating with a testnet since the beginning of this month according to Jesse Pollak, Coinbase’s director of engineering. He believes that this will help enable the next million dapps and bring in another billion users within 5 to 10 years time. The goal is to launch mainnet in just a few months from now.

Transaction Quicker & Cheaper with Layer-2 Networks

Layer-2 networks assist make transactions quicker and cheaper than an underlying blockchain like Ethereum by processing batches of transactions on a secondary chain then delivering receipts back to mainnet. Coinbase stated in their blog post that Base would be “a rollup agnostic superchain powered by Optimism.” A few partners who have pledged their support for this ecosystem include Oracle network Chainlink, Ethereum block explorer Etherscan, and DeFi protocol Aave amongst others.

COIN Stock Price After Q4 Earnings Beat

COIN stock closed at $61.18 per share on Wednesday after reaching a high of $67.17 after Coinbase’s Q4 earnings beat earlier today. It was down 1% from its previous closing price due to some investors taking profits from their investment in Coinbase’s stock after seeing it rise so quickly over the past few weeks.


With its layer- 2 based network now operational on top of Ethereum’s blockchain technology, Coinbase hopes that this will provide easier access for developers looking into building decentralized applications as well as enabling more users within 5 – 10 years time period making use of these dapps built upon its platform

Shibarium Launch: Shiba Inu Co-founder’s Update, Blog Released

• Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous co-founder of Shiba Inu (SHIB), released a medium blog introducing Shibarium.
• The launch of Shibarium was delayed due to Kaal’s absence from the team.
• The blog encourages users to burn SHIB on every Shibarium project and prioritize “Do Our Own Research (D.O.O.R)” for protection against scams and FUDs.

Shiba Inu Co-founder’s Update on Shibarium Launch

Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous co-founder of Shiba Inu (SHIB), released a medium blog introducing Shibarium in order to provide details about the project and what sets it apart from other emerging blockchains. The launch date was previously assumed to be February 14th based on Shytoshi’s Twitter bio, but this was delayed due to Kaal’s absence from the team due to his father’s demise.

Burn SHIB on Every Project

The blog encourages users to burn SHIB on every Shibarium project as a way of expanding the Shiba ecosystem and bolstering decentralization. This is one of four basal values that are necessary for success – Burn, Protect, Help, and Grow – which should be prioritized by all users in order to ensure success.

Prioritize DOOF

In addition to burning SHIB, users are encouraged prioritize “Do Our Own Research (DOOF)” when engaging with projects in order help mitigate scams and FUDs as much as possible. By doing so, people can receive feedback from others in order make informed decisions about their investments or involvement with certain projects or initiatives.

Social Media Activity

The crypto Twitter has been active recently discussing snapshots involving Shytoshi Kusama which hinted at the L2 blockchain’s launch date prior to its introduction via medium blog post Although the launch date has yet to be officially announced by the team, social media activity indicates that it could happen sooner rather than later if all goes according plans set forth by Shytoshi himself .


Overall, this medium blog post serves as an introduction into what makes Shibarium unique compared other blockchains while also providing insight into how investors can protect themselves against scams and FUDs through research and collaboration within the community itself. Despite delays caused by developer Kaal’s absence due mourning his father’s demise,, there is still excitement surrounding this blockchain technology that many believe could revolutionize online transactions in some way once launched .

UNest and Wealth Join Forces to Make Financial Planning Easier Than Ever

• UNest and Wealth have partnered to bring together financial and estate planning tools for families and individuals.
• UNest customers receive exclusive discounts on Wealth’s suite of products, as well as a $25 reward deposited in their UNest account when they purchase a will or trust from Wealth.
• The goals of both companies are to make complex financial solutions available to everyone in an easy and affordable way.

UNest & Wealth Strategic Partnership

UNest, a leading fintech company that makes it easier than ever for parents to invest in their kids’ future, has announced that they have partnered with Wealth, an emerging leader in digital estate planning. This strategic partnership brings together two category leaders that share a focus on helping families and individuals address the financial requirements of key life stages.

Benefits For Customers

Through this partnership, members of both platforms will access special resources and pricing to address some of the most critical aspects of financial and life planning. UNest customers get an exclusive discount on Wealth’s suite of modern estate planning products. In addition, UNest customers will receive a $25 reward deposited in their UNest investment account when they purchase a will or trust from Wealth.

Aligning Missions

UNest and Wealth share a similar mission to make complex and previously unattainable financial planning solutions available to more people. Since its market launch in 2020, UNest has helped over 550,000 parents and kids build a lasting financial legacy for their families through investments including traditional ETFs alongside selected crypto currencies, green funds, contributions from friends/family members, etc., with rewards from over 150 brands including Nike, DoorDash, Haven Life & Disney+.

Objectives Of The Partnership

The goal is for both companies is to help protect family assets by making complex financial solutions easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Through the app parents manage an advisor-guided portfolio while also having access to estate planning services which are vital components in creating a sound financial future for them and their kids alike.


The synergies between the two companies have already generated an impressive response during the pilot program which drove high levels of engagement among users – proving just how beneficial this strategic partnership is proving to be!